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Legal Definition of attenuation : a lessening of the amount, force, or magnitude of something specifically : a weakening of the connection between an illegal police procedure and the evidence obtained by it such that the evidence is admissible at trial as an exception to the exclusionary rule Attenuation definition, the act of attenuating or the state of being attenuated. See more. attenuation 1. Decrease in intensity of a signal, beam, or wave as a result of absorption of energy and of scattering out of the 2. In mine warfare, the reduction in intensity of an influence as distance from the source increases.

Attenuation def

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attenuation definition: 1. the process of making something less or weaker: 2. the process or fact of making something…. Learn more.

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Meaning of attenuation. What does attenuation mean? Information and translations of attenuation in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Attenuation def

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Attenuation def

3. Calculated ejection fraction 58% 4. Septal hypokinesis." Let me give you a perspective that you may want think about and discuss with your doctor.

To make slender, fine, or small: The drought attenuated the river to a narrow channel. 2. To reduce in force, value, amount, or degree; weaken: Medicine attenuated the fever's effect. 3. To lessen the density of; rarefy. 4. L’atténuation et l’adaptation.
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In multivariate analysis,  5 May 2020 Generally speaking, attenuation means “lessening” the thing that's being attenuated.
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Mean Attenuation (​dB).

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The response of the synthesis of bacterial mRNA to the nutritional state of the organism, e.g. the decrease in transcription of the trp operon in the presence of tryptophan, which is due to the incomplete transcription of a leader mRNA sequence coded for by the attenuator sequence. attenuation definition: 1. the process of making something less or weaker: 2.

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